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Chevaler – A French culinary time period to get a dish in which the substances are organized overlapping each other, like sliced beef or cutlets.

Salad – A dish of raw or cold, cooked food stuff commonly seasoned or dressed with a cold sauce, served being an hors d’oeuvre, aspect dish, or appetizer.

Egg Wash – Both separated or full egg combined with water or milk brushed above pastries or other baked items before baking to provide them with a gloss and included color.

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Bolognaise – An Italian phrase for various dishes depending on beef and veggies, or relating to the area of Bologna.

Mollusk – Among the two most important classifications of shellfish, mollusks are invertebrates with delicate bodies coated by a shell of one or more sections. 

Luau – A Hawaiian classic feast which usually revolves throughout the roasting of an entire pig. The celebration and ceremonies are held together with dance, music, and tune.

Distillation – A technique of separating the elements of a liquid by heating to the point of evaporation, then cooling right up until it condenses into a purified type.

Concassé – A French expression for chopping of pounding an component which include tomatoes, clean herbs, meats, and ice utilized to chill an item for serving.

Garnish - An individual merchandise or mixture of attractive accompaniments into a completed dish. The garnish need to always Mix with the flavor from the dish. In any situation, the garnish need to be put all-around a dish to achieve an General harmony of shapes and colours which might be pleasing to the eye.

Truss – website To thread twine throughout the body of poultry for the purpose of Keeping the legs and from time to time the wings in place through cooking.

Infusion – The technique of steeping an aromatic compound into a heated liquid till the liquid has absorbed the added elements flavor. Oil, milk, and tealeaves are popular substances Utilized in the infusion course of action.

Shellfish – Any of a range of invertebrate aquatic animals which has a hard, outer protecting shell, together with each mollusks and crustaceans.

Chafing Dish – Several different portable cooking containers used to either heat or Prepare dinner foods which has a heat source specifically beneath it. They usually have a big pan with water, just like a double boiler, to maintain the food from burning and therefore are most often Utilized in a buffet placing.

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